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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of English Language and Literature

Professional Development

In spring 2015, the graduate program launched Project Publish!, modeled on successful efforts by graduate programs at other institutions. Project Publish is a non-credit, optional, annual program designed to get doctoral students to submit an article for publication. It is run by the DGS with support from other faculty. Doctoral students in their second-through fifth year are strongly encouraged to attend. The program consists of three formal workshops, a week apart, during the late spring; the emphasis then shifts toward more informal meetings, reading groups, and director involvement, the goal being for students to submit an article to a target journal before classes start in January.

Additional efforts to assist students with professional development include liaising with the Career Center graduate student Career Development Coach, encouraging active participation in the university’s Preparing Future Faculty program, purchasing books on professionalization for entering PhD students, and holding annual panels on both the culture of graduate studies and job placement. The Graduate School also offers numerous resources and programs to aid graduate students with professional development: