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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of English Language and Literature

Faculty and Staff Directory

Samuel Amadon

Assistant Professor
Department of English Language and Literature

Phone Number: (803) 576-5983
Office: HUO 209
Website:Visit Site


PhD, University of Houston, 2012
MFA, Columbia University, 2007

Areas of Specialization 

   Creative Writing
   Contemporary Poetry

Recently Taught Courses 

ENGL 282    Fiction
ENGL 285    Themes in American Writing
ENGL 360    Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 464    Poetry Workshop
ENGL 601    Seminar in Verse Composition
ENGL 832    Theory of Poetry: Poet/Critic

Current Research Projects 

   Alan Collins Fellow in Poetry, Bread Loaf Writers Conference, 2012
   Believer Poetry Book Award, 2012
   Best First Book, Coldfront, 2010
   Iowa Poetry Prize, 2009

Selected Publications 

   The Hartford Book, Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2012
   Like a Sea, University of Iowa Press, 2010

   "Poem That Wants To Be the Westside Highway," "A Partial View Of the Triborough" — Poetry Magazine (Forthcoming)
   "Poem Where the Airplane Is Torn Apart" — Denver Quarterly (Forthcoming)
   "To Pen the Long E in Scene" — Boston Review (Forthcoming)
   "Touring Fill" — Lana Turner, A Journal of Poetry and Opinion (2013)
   "The Pennsylvania Station Sequence" — Driftless Review (2013)
   "Hybrid Poets Exist" — Boston Review (2012)
   "Days of Future Dwell" — (2012)
   "Oh Stereo," "Erosion Studies, "On Future Reflections" — Better (2012)
   "Tinnitus Asks a Question" — A Public Space (2012)
   "Often, Common, Some, And Free" — Ploughshares (2012)
   "Black Helicopters" — American Poetry Review (2012)
   "Spy Poem" — (2012)
   "Tourism" — New Yorker (2012)

Recent Presentations 

A Congeries of Voices: Vernacular and Diction in Contemporary Poetry. AWP Conference. Boston, MA, 2013.

Other Information 

Editor (with Liz Countryman) of Oversound, a poetry journal. Click here to visit Oversound's website