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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of English Language and Literature

Faculty and Staff Directory

Susan Vanderborg

Associate Professor
Department of English Language and Literature

Phone Number: (803) 576-5905
Office: HUO 521


PhD, Stanford University, 1996

Areas of Specialization 

   Postmodern American Poetry
   Artists' Books
   Experimental Narrative
   Science Fiction

Recently Taught Courses 

ENGL 101    Alien Reflections
ENGL 286    Introduction to Poetry
ENGL 386    Impossible Cities: Architectures of Postmodernism
ENGL 426    Modern American Poetry
ENGL 760    American Poetry Since 1900
ENGL 825G  Postmodern Pages: A New Poetics of the Book since 1950.

Current Research Projects 

I have completed an article entitled "Transformations of the Poetry Book as General Economy: Darren Wershler-Henry's The Tapeworm Foundry," and am in the process of finishing another article on Fiona Templeton's Amnesty International performance art work Cells of Release.

Selected Publications 

   • This is the full version of the article published in American Book Review January/February 2014, complete with notes and works cited list.
   "Of 'men and mutations': The Art of Reproductions in Flatland." The Journal of Artists' Books 24 (Fall 2008): 4-11.
   "Gendering 'Otherspace': The 'Martian Ty/opography' of Johanna Drucker and Brad Freeman." Science Fiction Studies 35 (March 2008): 88-104.
   "'The Breakdown of Order Now Assured': The Book Poem and Johanna Drucker's Simulant Portrait." Textual Practice 18.2 (Summer 2004): 283-295.
   "A Tale of Two Keys: Rosmarie Waldrop's Poetics of the Book." How2 1.8 (Fall 2002),
   "'If This Were the Place to Begin': Little Magazines and the Early Language Poetry Scene." Talisman (2002); reprinted as The World in Time and Space: Towards a History of Innovative American    Poetry in Our Time. Ed. Edward Foster and Joseph Donahue. 298-320.

Recent Presentations 

   "Capturing Calliope: Epic Disjunctions in Neil Gaiman's Sandman." Presented at the annual Literature and Culture Since 1900 Conference, U. of Louisville, February 2008.
   "Transformations of the Book," a Last Lecture series for the Carolina Scholars Association at USC, November 2008.
   "Reproducing Femininity: The Science Fiction Book Art of Johanna Drucker and Steve Tomasula." Presented at the annual MLA Convention, Chicago, December 2007.
   "Levels of Unreadability in Postmodern Literature." Presented at the annual MLA Convention, Philadelphia, December 2006.
   "The 'Consumed Consumer': Models of Audience Participation in Fiona Templeton's YOU - The City. Presented at the 20th-Century Literature Conference, University of Louisville, February 2006.