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College of Arts & Sciences
First-Year English

'B' Paper




  • Clear, precise, well-defined, arguable thesis
  • Address assignment



Content & Development



  • May have left minor points undeveloped or unsupported
  • Analysis goes beyond the obvious
  • Shows a good understanding of the text(s), ideas and methods of the assignment
  • Pursues thesis consistently
  • May have a minor factual or conceptual inconsistency



Research & Support


  • Examination of text(s) reflects thoughtful analysis
  • Evidence includes some strong support from the text(s) and/or outside sources
  • Integration of evidence primarily supports key points





  • Overall organization is logical
  • Paragraphs are organized topically
  • Clear transitions
  • Logical arrangement



Language & Mechanics


  • Few awkward sentence structures and/or grammar errors; grammar conventions are primarily observed
  • Word choice is appropriate
  • Academic tone





MLA format is observed, though there may be a few minor errors