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College of Arts & Sciences
First-Year English


Kristen Wright

Graduate Teaching Assistant
First Year English
University of South Carolina

Photo of Kristen Wright


Kristen is a doctoral candidate whose primary field of study is late nineteenth century American Literature, especially Amerindian texts. She has taught composition and literature courses at both secondary and post-secondary schools since 2001. After earning her M.A. from Gannon University and teaching as an adjunct instructor at various universities, she decided to pursue her PhD here at the University of South Carolina. Her recent experience teaching for and living in the Navajo Nation has further inspired her passion for environmental issues, particularly water management. Her research questions include how various legislative acts and subsequent interpretations of such acts—namely the Dawes/Allotment Act (1887) and Winters Doctrine—continue to influence negotiations in what some have named the Second Treaty Era. She hopes to foster within herself, and others, a deeper appreciation of the resources upon which we universally depend. Kristen also volunteers with the United States Geological Survey, teaches piano lessons in the Columbia area, and enjoys all opportunities to be out-of-doors.