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First-Year English

Writing Center Staff

 Dr. Graham Stowe, Associate Director of the Writing Center

703 Byrnes - (803) 777-3746 -

 Graham has been Associate Director of the University Writing Center since July 2011 and has taught in the USC English department since 2004, much of that in the Writing Center. His graduate work focused on 20th-century American epic poetry, particularly that of William Carlos Williams, Louis Zukofsky, and Charles Olson. Graham is passionate about teaching writers in one-to-one situations and teaching writing teachers. While it may seem quite a leap from studying the relatively experimental poetry of these authors to writing center administration, tutor development, and the teaching of writing, these interests are far from divergent. These poets are deeply invested in carefully crafting their language to present complicated ideas and thoughts in their writing; studying them has given Graham greater understanding and empathy for writers and writing teachers as they move through the writing process. 


 Jennifer Blevins, Assistant Director

Jennifer Renee Blevins is a student in the MFA Creative Non-Fiction Writing and PhD Literature programs at USC. Her creative writing interweaves personal memoir with research and cultural analysis; her PhD research focuses primarily on twentieth century American literature with an emphasis on women writers, modernism, and fat studies. She holds a BA in English and Theatre and an MA in English from Wake Forest University, where she worked as a graduate assistant in the Writing Center. She incorporates her years of teaching, tutoring, and editing experience into her work with undergraduate and graduate students in the USC Writing Center. 



Stephanie Boone Mosher, Assistant Director

 Stephanie Boone Mosher is a Ph.D. candidate in English, Composition and Rhetoric.  Her work is primarily focused at the intersection of composition studies and sociolinguistics, with interests that include varieties of American English, the writing of non-native English users, language policies, and professionalization. She is currently working on her dissertation, which explores how language ideologies develop among writing instructors and influence pedagogy.  In 2015, she completed her TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate from USC’s Linguistics Program.  She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Arizona and a BA in English and history from Hiram College.  Stephanie has previously worked in writing centers in Buffalo, New York, and at Columbia’s Allen University.  She is delighted to join the staff of USC’s Writing Center for the 2016-2017 year.