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First-Year English

Irene Elliot Teaching Awards

About Irene Elliot:

A native of Laurens, S.C., Irene Elliott earned a BA from Randolph-Macon Women's College. After earning an MA from the University of South Carolina in 1921, she went to the University of North Carolina, where she earned one of the first PhDs given to a woman at that university. She then came back to the University of South Carolina in 1924, where she served as professor of English and the first dean of women in the university's history. She served in that capacity until 1935, when ill health forced her retirement. However, in the wake of World War II, a shortage of English professors brought her back to the university in 1946, and she taught another 18 years until her retirement in 1964. The Irene Elliott Teaching Awards are open to any full-time instructor, graduate teaching assistant, or adjunct who has taught in the FYE Program during an academic year. There are two awards: one for first-time teachers and the other for experienced teachers.