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College of Arts & Sciences
First-Year English

2015-2016 Winner

Grace Hagood Downs Award for Best Multimodal Project

First-Year English is pleased to announce the winner of the 2015-2016 Grace Hagood Downs contest, awarded to the creator of the best First-Year English multimodal project.

This year's winner is Guy J. McCarter for his video clip "How Video Games Can Work for Us." Guy, a senior in First-Year English, majored in Mathematics with an Electrical Engineering cognate. He is an avid runner and enjoys playing the drums and ukulele. As a First-Year English student, Guy enjoyed working with his instructor Kelsey Flint-Martin, who he says impressed him with her ability to "balance doctorate-level English work with teaching rhetoric and composition. I know she was exceptional with the latter, so the first must have been pretty close to that." Guy's favorite thing about First-Year English was the opportunity to create his multi-modal project. According to Guy, "It allowed me to illustrate my final paper through a medium I am comfortable with: skit. I enjoy composing music (including music as ridiculous as you hear in the video) and trying to make people laugh. I also enjoyed our analyses of music videos and commercials to determine which elements of rhetoric were dominant." Click here to view his award-winning project.

Congratulations and best of luck to Guy!