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College of Arts & Sciences
First-Year English

Elizabeth Smith Award

Excellence in Adjunct Teaching

The excellence in adjunct teaching award is named for Elizabeth Collins Smith, who served the university for thirty-three years, twenty-nine of which were in service the English department. During her tenure as Program Coordinator for First-Year English, prior to her retirement in 2016, Elizabeth became a fierce advocate for both freshman composition students and instructors, always available to listen and offer them words of encouragement and advice. For this reason, First-Year English dedicates their excellence in adjunct teaching award to her. it is especially fitting, because--like Elizabeth, our adjunct instructors are often our "save the day" people and the reason behind much of the FYENGL program’s success. They often step in at the last minute to staff newly opened sections and sometimes take on up to four classes, which can include multiple teaching preps. In other words, they, like Elizabeth, go above and beyond, always encouraged by their love of the profession and the students they educate.