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Why Major in English

What do you want out of your major?


We’ve got them in droves - English faculty have won the prestigious Michael J. Mungo Undergraduate Teaching Award six times in the last decade. And many of our professors are national or international leaders in their fields. If you’re looking for a major where the faculty will expose you to the leading edge of the discipline, English is it.


From Great Books of the Western World, History of Cinema, and Women's Rhetoric to Southern Literature, Science Fiction Literature, African American Theatre, Environmental Literature, Creative Writing - whatever your interests, we’ve got them covered.


When it comes to having a great academic experience, outstanding teachers are only part of the equation. The most exciting classes are the ones where your fellow students bring a lot of intellectual energy to the table too. And that’s what you’ll get from an English major. Ever hung out with a group of English majors who sat around staring silently at the floor? We didn’t think so. Our majors are a lively bunch - and their intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm will exponentially enrich your college experience.


What other major lets you read your favorite novel or watch a great movie and call it homework? What other major teaches you all the rules of great academic writing and then gives you the chance to break every one of those rules in a creative writing class? An English major combines all the intellectual rigor of a traditional liberal arts education with all the fun of engaging with the best creative minds of every generation - and maybe even becoming one of the next generation of literary greats yourself!


Want to make the most of your undergraduate experience and all the unique opportunities college can afford? When it comes to helping students create innovative research projects, land valuable internships, be awarded major fellowships, and win campus-wide honors, the English department has a great track record. Visit our Student Awards page for more information about our majors’ achievements, and check out our Opportunities page for more info about how you can accelerate your path to the future of your dreams.


What do you want to do with the rest of your life? With an English major, your options are wide open. A strong liberal arts education prepares you to do just about anything. And when employers think of English majors, they think of outstanding critical thinkers and communicators - qualities that are huge assets in pretty much any profession.

For more information about the English major, or for answers to any specific questions you might have, stop by the Undergraduate English Office, 114 Humanities Office Building, or contact the Undergraduate Student Coordinator at (803)777-2138.