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The English Major (alternatively, “English concentration”) is a term for an undergraduate university degree focused around the consumption, analysis, and production of texts in the English language. English Studies is an academic discipline that focuses on the study of literatures written in the English language, as well as English linguistics and English sociolinguistics.

At the College of Arts & Sciences, the English Department offers four major tracks, each leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree.  These tracks are: 

  • General Major, which assures a broad knowledge of literary and cultural studies, as well as skills in writing and critical analysis.
  • Intensive Major, which is designed for students planning to pursue graduate studies in English.  This major includes a senior seminar or thesis.
  • Writing Concentration, which is tailored for students who are interested in creative or professional writing.
  • Secondary Education, which prepares students to enter a master’s degree program and teach English at the secondary level.

From the Great Books of the Western World, History of Cinema, and Women’s Rhetoric to Southern Literature, Science Fiction Literature, Environmental Literature, African-American Theatre and Creative Writing – plus more -- the English Department at the University of South Carolina offers it all.

The strong writing and critical thinking skills that are honed in the English major are valued by employers in a wide range of professions, including publishing/editing, advertising, public relations, law, journalism, Web development/new media, marketing, arts administration, nonprofit administration, government, teaching, finance, and library science. 

For further information, contact:

Carolina Gamble, Student Coordinator, 803-777-2138,

Visit our department's page.