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College of Arts & Sciences
Film and Media Studies Program


Currently enrolled students should meet with their advisors before registering for Spring 2018.

The Bulletin provides information about the Film and Media Studies (FAMS) undergraduate major and minor. FAMS 700-level classes are open only to graduate students. 

Screening Policy

Most Film and Media Studies classes require students to experience media (films, television shows, games) as preparation for class lecture and discussion. Designated screening times are provided to facilitate collective big-screen experiences. In general, the screening block is sized to accommodate the longest works; many will be shorter. Students unable to attend the designated screening time due to documentable conflicts such as another class, extracurricular activities, or work schedule will almost always be able to work with the instructor to experience the material at another time. Students needing to register for a class that conflicts with a screening time should register for that class and contact our Program office for an override into the FAMS class.