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Film and Media Studies Program

  • Student Using Technology

    Welcome to the Film and Media Studies Program! Learn more about the what the program has to offer.more

  • professor steimer's hand on fire

    Professor Steimer's Research Heats Up How did you spend Spring Break?more

  • Students on the Horseshoe

    Check out what FILM majors and minors are up to! Student Profilesmore

  • Cotton Road Movie

    Cotton Road Professor Kissel's latest is best documentary at Santa Monica festivalmore

  • The Augustas MIRC film selected for Library of Congress National Film Registry.more

The Film and Media Studies Program is devoted to the critical study of media culture. In a world where we interact daily with one screen after another—on our cell phones, televisions, mobile devices as well as at the multiplex—our major provides students with crucial knowledge and critical skills for understanding and engaging the work of screen media in society.