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College of Arts & Sciences
Film and Media Studies Program

Spring 2018

FAMS 110.001 Media Culture

Professor Heidi Rae Cooley
TR 4:25-5:40 PM; Screening: T 6:00-8:30 PM 
Analyze and contextualize our image-saturated media culture; develop an descriptive vocabulary for images; explore key concepts in and theories of audio-visual media. Apply media analysis skills to the art of media production. 
AIU Aesthetic/Interpretive
CRN 51489 XLST MART 110.001 (AR)

FAMS 240 Introduction to Film and Media Studies

Interpretation of film, television, and digital media, with particular attention to describing, analyzing, and writing arguments about the design of media works and their cultural impact.
AIU Aesthetic/Interpretive

Section 001

Professor Mark Minett
MW 2:20-3:35 PM; Screening: M 5:30-7:30 PM
CRN 51409

Section 002

Professor Susan Courtney
TR 11:40-12:55 PM; Screening: T 6:00-8:30 PM
CRN 51601

Section 003

Professor Kelly Wolf 
MW 5:30-6:45 PM; Screening: M 7:00-9:30 PM
CRN  57004

Section H01 (Honors Only)

Professor Susan Felleman
MWF 12:00-12:50 PM; Screening: W 5:30-8:00 PM
CRN 51602

FAMS 300 Film and Media History

Survey the development of cinema and related media from the pyramids to the present, with an emphasis on mass media after the 1820s. Attend to the relations among key technological, cultural, and industrial changes, their causes, and consequences. Develop core skills in media history research and interpretation. Required for the major and minor in Film and Media Studies. 
GHS Global/History (non-US)

Section 001

Professor Kelly Wolf 
MW 3:55-5:10 PM; Screening: T 8:45-11:15 PM
CRN 54137

Section H01 (Honors Only)

Professor Mark Cooper 
MWF 10:55-11:40 PM: Screening: W 7:00-9:30 PM
CRN 51650

FAMS 470.001 Middle East on Screen

Professor Evren Ozselcuk 
TR 10:05-11:20 AM; Screening: R 6:00-8:30 PM 
Contrast Hollywood representations of the Middle East with films actually made in and about Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Turkey. Explore, through cinema, some of the most vexed issues debated in and about the Middle East today: from questions of modernity to gender dynamics, from Islam in everyday life to popular culture, from war and conflict to global processes of power and representation.
Satisfies "Global" requirement for FAMS majors.
CRN 51603

FAMS 473.001 Film and Media Theory/Criticism: Media, Power & Everyday Life

Professor Lauren Steimer
TR 1:15-02:30 PM; No screening 
Foundational approaches to media as a means of defining and distributing social power in everyday life.
Required for the major and minor in Film and Media Studies. 
Prereq: FAMS 240 or permission of instructor.
CRN 51565

FAMS 510.001  Classical Hollywood Cinema

Professor Susan Felleman 
MW 2:20- 3:35 PM; M 5:30-8:00 PM
Explore Classical Hollywood Cinema with an emphasis on major directors and films. Discuss the industrial, aesthetic, and political features of the studio system and its production methods along with some historical and critical views of it. Consider key works exemplifying major narrative themes, genres, and historical trends.
Prereq: FAMS 300 or permission of instructor. 
INT Integrative
CRN 51584 Meets with MART 592 & ARTH 569 (AT)

FAMS 511.001 American Teen Film

Professor Lauren Steimer 
TR 2:50-4:05 PM; Screening: T 6:00-8:30 PM
Discover how the perceived spending power of adolescent consumers has informed the development of this film genre and explore shifts in its semantic and syntactic elements across the last fifty years. Explore the correlation between the over-population of teen films and shifts in the modes of film exhibition post-1948.
Prereq: FAMS 240 or permission of instructor.
INT Integrative

CRN 51576 Meets with MART 591.001 (AS)

FAMS 511.002 Critical Interactives: Ward One IV

Professors Heidi Rae Cooley and Duncan Buell 
TR 11:40-12:55 PM 
Join undergraduate and graduate students from computer science and the humanities to build interactive digital projects for the public. Continue development of a mobile application that presents the history of Ward One, a predominately African American community displaced by mid-century urban renewal. Work with former Ward One residents whose homes were razed in order to enable UoSC's expansion. 
Requires Permission of Instructor 
INT Integrative
CRN 54094 Meets with MART 591.002, CSCE 571.001 (AU)

FAMS 511.003 Alternative Media/Alternative Communities

Professor Susan Courtney
TR 4:25-5:40 PM; Screening: R 6:00-8:30PM
Investigate the history, conditions, and potential of media forms and practices beyond the commercial mainstream, with an emphasis on how these have sought to foster new ways of imagining community. Survey examples from the history of film, radio, television, and digital media. Relate these explorations to your own media practices and communities.
Prereq: FAMS 240 or permission of instructor.
INT Integrative; Satisfies documentary or experimental requirement for FAMS majors.
CRN 54139 Meets with MART 591.003 and ENGL 439.003 (D5) 

FAMS 566.001 Superheroes across Media

Professor Mark Minett 
Class: MW 3:55-5:10 PM; Screening: M 7:45-10:15 PM 
Trace the aesthetic, cultural, technological, and industrial history of the superhero genre and superhero storytelling in comics, television, film, radio, and new media with an emphasis on the transmedia franchising and (re)iteration of iconic "comic book superheroes" such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Avengers. 
Prereq: FAMS 240 or permission of instructor.
INT Integrative
CRN 51604 XLST ENGL 566 (D7)