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College of Arts & Sciences
Film and Media Studies Program

Summer 2016

Film and Media Studies courses

A complete list of Film and Media Studies course offerings for Summer 2016 can also be viewed on USC's Master Schedule under the designator FILM.

NOTE: FILM 240 is a pre-requisite for 500 level courses.


FILM 110 Media Culture

Professor Laura Kissel
Class: Monday thru Friday, 12:05 - 2:05 PM
May 30 - June 23

An introduction to the study of media forms: photography, film, television, and new media. Students learn how to analyze, comprehend, and contextualize our image-saturated media culture; acquire an analytical/theoretical vocabulary for images; and gain an understanding of key concepts in and theories of visual media. The course also offers students the chance to apply their newfound skill set for media analysis to the art of media production of both sound and image.