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College of Arts & Sciences
Film and Media Studies Program

Summer 2017

FAMS 110.001 Media Culture

Professor Laura Kissel
May 8-25, M-R 3:30-6:40 PM
Analyze and contextualize our image-saturated media culture; develop an descriptive vocabulary for images; explore key concepts in and theories of audio-visual media. Apply media analysis skills to the art of media production. 
CC-AIU Aesthetic/Interpretive
CRN 77744 XLST MART 110.001

FAMS 240.001 Introduction to Film and Media Studies

Professor Mark Minett
May 8-25, M-R 12:00-3:10 PM
Closely analyze moving image media (including their sounds) and develop compelling written arguments about specific works. Required for the major and minor in Film and Media Studies.
CC-AIU Aesthetic/Interpretive
CRN 77754