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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Geography

B.A. Degree in Geography

The Department of Geography offers both bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees. There are important differences in the university's general degree requirements for these degrees. Consult with your advisor to make certain you are doing the appropriate course work.

1. General Education Requirements

For more information on the university's general requirements for the B.A. degree, see the USC Undergraduate BulletinGeography B.A.

2. Major Requirements

All majors must complete at least 27 hours of geography courses, including one major prerequisite course (from GEOG 103, 104, 105, 121, 201, 202, or 210), one course from the geographic techniques (GEOG 341, 345, 363, or 551), eighteen credit hours of Geography courses with advisor’s approval, and a capstone seminar (GEOG 495). At least two courses must be at the 500 level; a minimum grade of C is required for all courses used to fulfill major requirements. (Details in the Undergraduate Bulletin).


3. Cognate or Minor

See the USC Undergraduate Bulletin–College of Arts and Sciences (12-24 hours).


4. Electives

See USC Undergraduate Bulletin–College of Arts and Sciences (0-24 hours).