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Department of Geography

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Cary J. Mock

Department of Geography
University of South Carolina

Phone Number: (803) 777-1211
Office: Callcott, Room 211
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF


Dr. Mock obtained his Ph.D. in geography at the University of Oregon in 1994.  He was a visiting assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts in 1994-1995 and subsequently did a postdoc at the Quaternary Research Center, University of Washington.  He joined the Department of Geography at the University of South Carolina in 1999.


Cary Mock is a climatologist with research interests in historical climatology and environments, synoptic climatology, and late-Quaternary paleoclimatology. Recently, he and Scott Elias co-edited the Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science (2nd ed., Elsevier Press). His historical climatology interests, focused mostly within the last few hundred years, include reconstructing extreme weather events and hazards, hurricanes, and assessing historical impacts of climate on society. Geographically, his research covers most of North America but has also expanded internationally and includes East Asia, the Western Arctic, Belize, Bermuda, and Constantinople (Istanbul).  For more information on his historical climatology research, please refer to his website.   


GEOG 346:  Climate and Society
GEOG 365:  Hurricanes and Tropical Climatology
GEOG 545:  Synoptic Meteorology
GEOG 567:  Long Term Environmental Change

Representative Publications 

2013  Elias, S. and C.J. Mock (eds.).  The Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, 2nd ed.  Elsevier Press.  

2012  Mock, C.J.  "Instrumental and Documentary Evidence of Environmental Change."  In:  The Sage Handbook of Environmental Change (J.A. Matthews, P.J. Bartlein, K.R. Briffa, A.G. Dawson, A. de Vernal, T. Denham, S.C. Fritz, and F. Oldfield, eds.), pp. 345-360.  

2010  Mock, C.J., M. Chenoweth, I. Altamirano , M.D. Rodgers, and R. García-Herrera.  "The Great New Orleans Hurricane of 1812."  Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 91: 1653-1663.

2009  Dupigny-Giroux, L.A. and C.J. Mock (eds.).  Historical Climate Variability and Impacts in North America.  Springer Publishers, New York-Dordrecht.  

2008  Kokorawski, H.D., P.M. Anderson, C.J. Mock, and A.V. Lozhkin.  "A Re-Evaluation and Spatial Analysis of Evidence for a Younger Dryas Climatic Reversal in Beringia."  Quaternary Science Reviews 27:  1710-1722.

2008  Landsea, C.W., D.A. Glenn, W. Bredemeyer, M. Chenoweth, R. Ellis, J.  Gamache, L. Hufstetler, C. Mock, R. Perez, R. Prieto, J. Sánchez-Sesma, D. Thomas, and L. Woolcock.  “A Reanalysis of the 1911 to 1920 Atlantic Hurricane Database." Journal of Climate 21:  2138-2168.

2007  Mock, C.J., J. Mojzisek, M. Chenoweth, M. McWaters, and D.W. Stahle.  “The Winter of 1827-1828 over Eastern North America:  A Season of Extraordinary Climatic Anomalies, Societal Impacts, and False Spring.” Climatic Change 81:  87-115.