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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Geography

Faculty & Staff Directory

Diansheng Guo

Associate Professor
Department of Geography
University of South Carolina

Phone Number: (803) 777-2989
Office: Callcott, Room 305
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF
Diansheng Guo


Big Data Analytics
Spatial Data Mining
Information Visualization
Urban and Health Data Analysis


Seminar: Quantitative Analysis in Geography
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Seminar in GIS: Spatial-Temporal Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
The Earth from Above: An Introduction to Geographic Information Technologies
Spatial Programming

Representative Publications 

Guo, D., H. Jin*, P. Gao and X. Zhu*. In press. “Detecting Spatial Community Structure in Movements”, International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

Zhu, X.* and D. Guo. 2017. “Analyzing Urban Events with Big Data of Taxi OD Trips—A Time Series Decomposition Approach”, Transactions in GIS, Vol. 21, pp. 560–574.

Koylu, C.* and D. Guo. 2017. “Design and Evaluation of Line Symbolizations for Origin-Destination Flow Maps”, Information Visualization, doi: 10.1177/1473871616681375.

Li, Z., C. Wang, C. Emrich and D. Guo. 2017. “A Novel Approach to Leveraging Social
Media for Rapid Flood Mapping: A Case Study of the 2015 South Carolina Floods”,
Cartography and Geographic Information Science, DOI: 10.1080/15230406.2016.

Grieve, J., A. Nini and D. Guo. 2017. “Analyzing lexical emergence in Modern American
English online”, English Language and Linguistics, Vol. 21 (1), pp. 99-127.

Huang, Y.*, D. Guo, A. Kasakoff and J. Grieve. 2016. “Understanding U.S. Regional
Linguistic Variation with Twitter Data Analysis”, Computers, Environment, and Urban
Systems, Vol. 59 (2016), pp. 244–255.

Gao, P., J. A. Kupfer, X. Zhu*, and D. Guo. 2016. “Quantifying Animal Trajectories Using
Spatial Aggregation and Sequence Analysis – A Case Study of Differentiating
Trajectories of Multiple Species” Geographic Analysis. Vol. 48, Issue 3, July 2016,
Pages 275–291.

Gao, P., G. J. Carbone, and D. Guo. 2016. Assessment of NARCCAP Model in Simulating
Rainfall Extremes Using a Spatially Constrained Regionalization Method, International
Journal of Climatology, Vol. 36, Issue 5, April 2016, pages 2368–2378.

Kang, C., Y. Liu, D. Guo and K. Qin. 2015. “A Generalized Radiation Model for Human
Mobility: Spatial Scale, Searching Direction and Trip Constraint”. PLoS ONE 10 (11):
e0143500. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0143500

Guo, D. and X. Zhu*. 2014. “Origin-Destination Flow Data Smoothing and Mapping”, IEEE
Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 20(12), pp. 2043-2052.

Zhu, X.* and D. Guo. 2014. “Mapping Large Spatial Flow Data with Hierarchical
Clustering”, Transactions in GIS, 18(3): 421–435.

Guo, D. and Chao Chen*. 2014. “Detecting Non-personal and Spam Users on Geo-Tagged
Twitter Network”, Transactions in GIS, 18(3): 370–384.

Koylu C.*, D. Guo and A. Kasakoff. 2014. “Mapping Family Connectedness across Space
and Time”, Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 41 (1), pp. 14-65.

Gao P., J.A. Kupfer, D. Guo and T. Lei. 2013. Identifying Functionally-Connected Habitat
Compartments with a Novel Regionalization Technique. Landscape Ecology, Vol. 28,
Pages 1949-1959.

Koylu, C.* and D. Guo. 2013. “Smoothing Locational Measures in Spatial Networks”,
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, Vol. 41, Pages 12-25.

Gao P.*, D. Guo, K. Liao, J. J. Webb, and S. L. Cutter. 2013. "Early Detection of Terrorism
Outbreaks Using Prospective Space-Time Scan Statistics", The Professional
Geographer. Vol. 65, Issue 4, Pages 676-691.

Guo, D., X. Zhu, H. Jin, P. Gao and C. Andris. 2012. "Discovering Spatial Patterns in
Origin-Destination Mobility Data", Transactions in GIS, 16(3), 411-429.

Wang, F., D. Guo and S. McLaffert. 2012. "Constructing Geographic Areas for Cancer Data
Analysis: A Case Study on Late-stage Breast Cancer Risk in Illinois", Applied
Geography, 35(1), 1-11.

Kupfer J. A., P. Gao and D. Guo. 2012. "Regionalization of forest pattern metrics for the
continental United States using contiguity constrained clustering and partitioning",
Ecological Informatics. Vol. 9, 11-18.

Guo, D. and H. Wang*. 2011. "Automatic Region Building for Spatial Analysis",
Transactions in GIS, 15(s1), 29 - 45.

Guo, D. and H. Jin*. 2011. "iRedistrict: Geovisual Analytics for Redistricting Optimization",
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 22(4), 279-289.

Guo, D., S. Liu*, and H. Jin*. 2010. "A Graph-based Approach to Vehicle Trajectory
Analysis", Journal of Location Based Service, 4(3), pages 183-199.

Guo, D. 2010. “Local Entropy Map: A Non-Parametric Approach to Discover Spatially
Varying Bivariate Relationships”. International Journal of Geographical Information
Science, 24(9), pages 1367-1389.

Guo, D. 2009. "Flow Mapping and Multivariate Visualization of Large Spatial Interaction
Data", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 15(6), pp. 1041-1048.

Guo, D. and J. Mennis. 2009. “Spatial data mining and geographic knowledge discovery-An
introduction”. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 33(6), pp. 403-408.

Liao, K.* and D. Guo. 2008. "A Clustering-Based Approach to a Capacitated Facility
Location Problem". Transactions in GIS. 12(3), pp. 323–339.

Guo, D. 2008. "Regionalization with Dynamically Constrained Agglomerative Clustering and
Partitioning (REDCAP)". International Journal of Geographical Information Science.
22(7), pp. 801-823.

(* denotes advisee)