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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Geography

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students

Abrahams, Daniel
Office: Callcott 002B
Advisor: Carr
Research: Conservation, ecosystem services, development, conflict, disaster vulnerability/response

Chin, Erika
Office: Callcott 105A
Advisor: Kupfer
Research: Urban landscape ecology, biogeography, conservation

Derakhshan, Sahar
Office: Callcott 308
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Hazards and vulnerability, recovery after disasters, risk mitigation policy

Fan, Qian
Advisor: Wang/Hodgson
Research:  Natural disasters, remote sensing

Huang, Yuan
Office: Callcott 307
Advisor: Guo
Research: GIS and spatial data mining

Huang, Xiao
Office: Callcott 319
Advisor: Wang
Research: GIS, data mining, deep learning

Hung, Chen-Ling (Jenny)
Office: Callcott 219
Advisor: James
Research: Flood hydrology, urban hydrology, water resources

Jiang, Yuqin
Office: Callcott 318
Advisor: Li
Research: GIS, visualization, data mining

Kaase, Chris
Office: Callcott 219
Advisor: Kupfer
Research: Biogeography, geomorphology, hydrology, landscape ecology, conservation


Kraus, Christopher 
Office: Callcott 103
Advisor: Mitchell

Li, Huixuan
Office: Callcott 318
Advisor: Wang
Research: Remote sensing, GIS, Urban and water environment, human health

Lu, Junyu
Office: Callcott 222
Advisor: Carbone
Research: Climate Change, drought impacts, remote sensing of environment

Martin, Yago
Office: 306
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Natural disasters mitigation, climate change adaptation

Nelson, Beth
Office: 105B
Advisor: Nagel
Research: Migration, citizenship, transnationalism

Nielson, Sam
Office: Callcott 105C
Advisor: Nagel
Research: Migration, refugees, political geography

Patel, Aashka
Office: Callcott 224
Advisor: Carbone
Research: Climate change assessment, usability of climate information for decision-making, water resources

Roman-Rivera, Mayra
Office: Callcott 225
Advisor: Ellis
Research: Coastal Geomorphology, aeolian research, remote sensing and GIS coastal applications

Smith, Holly
Advisor: Mills
Research: Social movements of the Middle East and North Africa, youth identity, geopolitics


Sokol, Nickolas
Office: Callcott 123
Advisor: Hiscox

Sylvester, Ben
Advisor: Mills
Research: Refugees, immigration, urban


Tereszkiewicz, Pete
Office: Callcott 123
Advisor: Ellis

Xu, Haiqing
Office: Callcott 319
Advisor: Hodgson
Research: Wetland studies, remote sensing, GIS modeling

Zhu, Xi
Office: 307
Advisor: Guo
Research: GIS, spatial data mining, geovisualization



Master's Students 

Arnold, Alice
Office: Callcott 108
Advisor: Barnes
Research: Political geography, Middle East, cognitive geography


Bauer, Paul
Office: Callcott 219
Advisor: Carbone


Brugh, Jessica
Office: Callcott 308
Advisor: Cutter

Campbell, Raelene
Office: Callcott 306
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Environmental Hazards, Meteorology

Davis, Ellie
Office: Callcott 224
Advisor: Dow
Research: Coastal agriculture, climate change adaptation, climate policies, remote sensing

Dearman, Tyler
Office: Callcott 107
Advisor: James
Research: Fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, restoration, GIS


Harris, Michelle
Office: Callcott 219
Advisor: Ellis

King, Christopher
Office: Callcott 103
Advisor: Mitchell
Research: Geography education, human geography, geography and mathematics


Marino, Brody
Office: 219
Advisor: Ellis


Ning, Huan
Office: Callcott 318
Advisor: Li

Pham, Erika
Office: Callcott 308
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Hazard vulnerability and resiliency, GIS, cartography and geovisualization, critical infrastructure

Rickenbaker, Alan
Office: N/A
Advisor: Hodgson
Research: GIS, local government, LIDAR

Seidler, Angie
Office: Callcott 108
Advisor: Barnes
Research: water and agricultural management, Middle East, political ecology

Shao, Tianhua
Office: Callcott 109
Advisor: Nagel
Research: Landscape, China, urban geography

Spires, Tyler
Office: Callcott 309
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Natural hazards

Stewart, Michael
Office: Callcott 209
Advisor: Hiscox
Research: Boundary Layer Meteorology

Young, Brittani
Office: Callcott 108
Advisor: Harrison
Research: human-environment interactions, political ecology