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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Geography

Graduate Students

Central to the department's mission is the training and employment of graduate students. Including students working at both the masters and doctoral levels, we typically have around 50-60 graduate students in residence at any given time.

Ph.D. Students

Abrahams, Daniel
Office: Callcott 002B
Advisor: Carr
Research: Conservation, ecosystem services, development, conflict, disaster vulnerability/response

Chin, Erika
Office: Callcott 105A
Advisor: Kupfer
Research: Urban landscape ecology, biogeography, conservation

Derakhshan, Sahar
Office: Callcott 308
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Hazards and vulnerability, recovery after disasters, risk mitigation policy

Fan, Qian
Advisor: Wang/Hodgson
Research:  Natural disasters, remote sensing

Huang, Yuan
Office: Callcott 307
Advisor: Guo
Research: GIS and spatial data mining

Huang, Xiao
Office: Callcott 319
Advisor: Wang
Research: GIS, data mining, deep learning

Hung, Chen-Ling (Jenny)
Office: Callcott 219
Advisor: James
Research: Flood hydrology, urban hydrology, water resources

Jiang, Yuqin
Office: Callcott 318
Advisor: Li
Research: GIS, visualization, data mining

Kaase, Chris
Office: Callcott 219
Advisor: Kupfer
Research: Biogeography, geomorphology, hydrology, landscape ecology, conservation


Kraus, Christopher 
Office: Callcott 103
Advisor: Mitchell

Li, Huixuan
Office: Callcott 318
Advisor: Wang
Research: Remote sensing, GIS, Urban and water environment, human health

Lu, Junyu
Office: Callcott 222
Advisor: Carbone
Research: Climate Change, drought impacts, remote sensing of environment

Martin, Yago
Office: 306
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Natural disasters mitigation, climate change adaptation

Nelson, Beth
Office: 105B
Advisor: Nagel
Research: Migration, citizenship, transnationalism

Nielson, Sam
Office: Callcott 105C
Advisor: Nagel
Research: Migration, refugees, political geography

Patel, Aashka
Office: Callcott 224
Advisor: Carbone
Research: Climate change assessment, usability of climate information for decision-making, water resources

Roman-Rivera, Mayra
Office: Callcott 225
Advisor: Ellis
Research: Coastal Geomorphology, aeolian research, remote sensing and GIS coastal applications

Smith, Holly
Advisor: Mills
Research: Social movements of the Middle East and North Africa, youth identity, geopolitics


Sokol, Nickolas
Office: Callcott 123
Advisor: Hiscox

Sylvester, Ben
Advisor: Mills
Research: Refugees, immigration, urban


Tereszkiewicz, Pete
Office: Callcott 123
Advisor: Ellis

Xu, Haiqing
Office: Callcott 319
Advisor: Hodgson
Research: Wetland studies, remote sensing, GIS modeling

Zhu, Xi
Office: 307
Advisor: Guo
Research: GIS, spatial data mining, geovisualization



Master's Students 

Arnold, Alice
Office: Callcott 108
Advisor: Barnes
Research: Political geography, Middle East, cognitive geography


Bauer, Paul
Office: Callcott 219
Advisor: Carbone


Brugh, Jessica
Office: Callcott 308
Advisor: Cutter

Campbell, Raelene
Office: Callcott 306
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Environmental Hazards, Meteorology

Davis, Ellie
Office: Callcott 224
Advisor: Dow
Research: Coastal agriculture, climate change adaptation, climate policies, remote sensing

Dearman, Tyler
Office: Callcott 107
Advisor: James
Research: Fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, restoration, GIS


Harris, Michelle
Office: Callcott 219
Advisor: Ellis

King, Christopher
Office: Callcott 103
Advisor: Mitchell
Research: Geography education, human geography, geography and mathematics


Marino, Brody
Office: 219
Advisor: Ellis


Ning, Huan
Office: Callcott 318
Advisor: Li

Pham, Erika
Office: Callcott 308
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Hazard vulnerability and resiliency, GIS, cartography and geovisualization, critical infrastructure

Rickenbaker, Alan
Office: N/A
Advisor: Hodgson
Research: GIS, local government, LIDAR

Seidler, Angie
Office: Callcott 108
Advisor: Barnes
Research: water and agricultural management, Middle East, political ecology

Shao, Tianhua
Office: Callcott 109
Advisor: Nagel
Research: Landscape, China, urban geography

Spires, Tyler
Office: Callcott 309
Advisor: Cutter
Research: Natural hazards

Stewart, Michael
Office: Callcott 209
Advisor: Hiscox
Research: Boundary Layer Meteorology

Young, Brittani
Office: Callcott 108
Advisor: Harrison
Research: human-environment interactions, political ecology