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College of Arts & Sciences
Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute

Vision and Purpose

The overall vision of the International Centre of Excellence on Vulnerability and Resilience Metrics (ICoE-VARM) is to develop science-based models, methods, and metrics that provide empirically-based support for disaster risk reduction policies and practices.  As part of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk Program (IRDR), ICoE-VARM will 1) expand and improve metrics and models currently developed for the U.S. context to other regions and work collaboratively with partners to develop new approaches; 2) provide leadership in improving sub-national hazard event and loss databases; 3) build capacity through training the next generation of disaster scientists and encouraging international students (pre- and post-doctoral) and scientists to take up short-term study visits; and 4) support the existing research projects of IRDR.

ICoE and IRDR projects are collaborative in nature and aim to provide global contributions towards achieving the IRDR legacy.  In particular, each established ICoE will enable and support regional scientific activities through geographically-focused contributions based on more localized inputs, and by being visible centers of research to movitate broader participation in the IRDR program.