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Kelsey Hanrahan

Department of Geography
University of South Carolina

Phone Number: 803-777-1854
Office: Callcott, Rm 229
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF


Dr. Hanrahan is an instructor in the Department of Geography at the University of South Carolina. Kelsey received her B.Sc. Archaeology from the University of Calgary in 2005, her M.A. Anthropology and a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies at the University of South Carolina in 2007 and completed her Ph.D. Geography at the University of Kentucky in 2015. Prior to her studies in geography, Kelsey worked as an archaeologist at various sites across the USA – including in New Mexico, Montana, West Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina, as well as northern Alberta, Canada. She also worked on traditional knowledge and land use assessment projects in northern Alberta and British Columbia.


Kelsey is a feminist social geographer who works with qualitative methods and has a regional focus in sub-Saharan Africa. Her research interests include livelihood strategies and development, practices of care, intergenerational relationships and ageing, questions of scale, qualitative methodologies, and feminist approaches. Further, she is interested in research that explores the ethics engaged in everyday practices and how these practices shape family and community well-being. With her most recent project in Ghana, she considered the role of intergenerational relationships in constructing livelihood strategies. She explored experiences of dependency and interdependency, vulnerability and suffering, care and love to understand how we create livelihoods that support one’s self and others in ways that are attuned to the shifting realities that occur across the life course. Her upcoming research plans include understanding the role between the ethics shaping health care practice and the development of ageing-related health care policy in Ghana.


GEOG 103: Introduction to Geography

GEOG 228: Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

Representative Publications 

Hanrahan, K. 2015. Living Care-fully: The potential for an ethics of care in livelihoods approaches. World Development 42, 381-393.

Hanrahan, K. 2015. ‘Mon’ (To Marry/To Cook): Negotiating becoming a wife and woman in the kitchens of a northern Ghanaian Konkomba community. Gender, Place and Culture 22(9), 1323-1339.

Fickey, A. & K. Hanrahan 2014. Moving Beyond Neverland: Reflecting Upon the State of the Diverse Economies Research Program and the Study of Alternative Economic Spaces. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies 13(2), 394-403.