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Department of Geography

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Peng Gao

Research Associate - CISA and USC SCALE Lab
Department of Geography
University of South Carolina

Phone Number: (803) 777-5234
Office: Callcott, Room 122
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF
Peng Gao


Peng received his Bachelors Degree in Agriculture focusing on soil, plants and fertilization from Yangzhou University.  He holds a Master Degree in Soil Science from the Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He completed his Ph.D in Geography at the University of South Carolina in 2013.


Peng has a broad background in the disciplines of landscape ecology, biogeography, hydrological modeling, climate change, and soil science. He is particularly interested in the applications of GIS, remote sensing, spatial data mining, and statistical methods to address basic and applied questions of these disciplines. His publications cover the topics of habitat connectivity, animal movement, forest fragmentation, watershed integrity, wetland detection, and soil salinity. His current postdoctoral work centers on constructing climate change scenarios for hydrological modeling from a suite of dynamically and statistically downscaled CMIP3/CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project) outputs.


GEOG363: Introduction to GIS

Representative Publications 

Kupfer, J. A., K. M. Meitzen, and P. Gao. Flooding and surface connectivity of Taxodium-Nyssa swamps in a southern floodplain forest system. River Research and Applications, in press.

Yao, R. J., J. S. Yang, P. Gao, J. B. Zhang, W. H. Jin, and S. P. Yu. 2014. Soil-quality-index model for assessing the impact of groundwater on soil in an intensively farmed coastal area of E China, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 177: 330-342.

Yao, R. J., J. S. Yang, P. Gao, H. B. Shao, G. M. Liu, and S. P. Yu. 2014. Comparison of statistical prediction methods for characterizing the spatial variability of apparent electrical conductivity in coastal salt-affected farmland, Environmental Earth Science 71: 233 - 243.

Gao, P., J. A. Kupfer, D. Guo, and T. Lei. 2013. Identifying Functionally-Connected Habitat Compartments with a Novel Regionalization Technique. Landscape Ecology 28: 1949 - 1959.

Yao, R. J., J. S. Yang, J. B. Zhang, P. Gao, S, P. Yu and X. P. Wang. 2013. Short-Term Effect of Cultivation and Crop Rotation Systems on Soil Quality Indicators in a Coastal Newly-Reclaimed Farming Area, Journal of Soils and Sediments 13: 1335 - 1350.

Kupfer, J. A., P. Gao, and D. Guo. 2012. Regionalization of Forest Pattern Metrics for the Continental United States Using Contiguity Constrained Clustering and Partitioning. Ecological Informatics9: 11-18.

Guo, D., X. Zhu, H. Jin, P. Gao., and C. Andris. 2012. Discovering Spatial Patterns in Origin-Destination Mobility Data, Transactions in GIS 16: 411-429.

Kupfer, J. A. and P. Gao. 2011. Spatial Patterns of Ecological Integrity in South Carolina Watersheds, Southeastern Geographer 51: 394-410.