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Cary J. Mock

Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1994

Department of Geography
Callcott, Room 211
Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: (803) 777-1211   Fax: (803) 777-4972

My interests in climatology consists of the following three aspects: 1) synoptic/regional climatology, 2) late Quaternary paleoclimatology, and 3) historical climatology. My synoptic climatic research deals with climatic changes for an area at the size of the Southeast U.S., and how these relationships are modulated by global climate forcing such as by El Nino, volcanic eruptions, and potential global warming. I have also conducted a snow avalanche climatology project that analyzes the relationships between synoptic climatic patterns and different snow avalanche climate regimes of the Western United States mountain ranges. My quaternary paleoclimatic research involves the synthesis of climate model simulations and fossil paleoclimatic data, aided by the application of modern synoptic climatology as a means to downscale large-scale patterns to smaller spatial scales. I am also interested on assessing the role of paleoclimate on vegetation histories. Regions of where I have conducted synoptic and quaternary paleoclimatic research include the western United States, Beringia (eastern Siberia and Alaska), and most recently the Southeast. My climatic interests at the historical timescale lie primarily in reconstructing climates and weather hazards from documentary evidence for various parts of North America and the Arctic but also involving issues of climatic reality, environmental images, and settlement. The historical climate data and collections here in the climate lab at South Carolina are by far the most plentiful of that sort at any university nationwide. Lately, I am working on a historical hurricane project to reconstruct tropical cyclones of the Atlantic Basin back to the seventeenth century and have started work in the Western Pacific Basin as well. This project involves examining old diaries, journals, newspapers, and early instrumental records to gain a longer temporal perspective, which can greatly aid us in assessing the role of global warming and climate change on hurricanes.  Funding for most aspects of my research has been provided by the National Science Foundation and NOAA.

Areas of Interest
Synoptic climatology
Climatic hazards
Arctic and alpine environments
Historical environmental change


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Applied Climatology
Hurricanes and Tropical Climatology
Quantitative Methods in Geography
Long Term Environmental Change
Synoptic Meteorology
Climatic and Society

Graduate Students
Matt Rodgers, Masters candidate
Stephanie Dodds, Doctoral candidate
Stephen Feetham, Masters candidate