NSF-Funded Graduate Student Position in Historical Climatology

For starting Fall 2020 at South Carolina, I am looking for a graduate student interested in Historical Climatology, an NSF-funded position. I am open to students coming from various angles from climate science, climate impacts, paleoclimatology, synoptic climatology, and historical geography/environmental history. The position at South Carolina involves analysis of modern and 19th century archival data, includings funding for archival trips to the West Coast, Northeast U.S.A., and the United Kingdom. The student will have an excellent opportunity in interdisciplinary collaboration and publishing in highly visible journal outlets. Interested students should ideally send their c.v. and information about their background, skills, and research interests to Dr. Cary Mock at mockcj@sc.edu well before doing the application process. The official U of S Carolina application deadline is Jan 15, 2020. Please follow links below, including the Historical Climate Webpage for general research highlights for additional information.

Sincerely, Cary Mock
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