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Remote Sensing

About the Laboratory
The GISciences Research Laboratory was formed in 2000 in order to focus the research interests of the GIScience faculty. Today five faculty with diverse research interests in the GISciences are affiliated with the lab.

Two full-time technical and research staff support the Lab directly, along with student associates and other technical support staff within the Department of Geography. The research activities of these faculty, staff and students form the basis of our core areas of research and applications.

Functions of the Laboratory
1. Conduct and support research on GIScience (geographic information systems, remote sensing, cartographic visualization, global positioning systems) related projects at USC.
2. Campus-wide GIS software licensing and support for ESRI products. Most of the products listed here are available free of charge under our license. The user community consists of over 80 faculty and users (about 20 of which are considered lead faculty with regard to GIScience utilization), located in 14 colleges and schools representing approximately 45 departments, institutes or centers.
3. GIS training program — including short courses, specialized documentation and a reference library.
4. Assistance with specialized application development-user interfaces, web deployments, etc. The Lab houses one applications web server that can be used in some circumstances to deploy applications.
5. Maintain a GIS data server. This server also acts as a clearinghouse for several SC state agency's datasets and can be accessed via the web or from the University network if authenticated.

Research in the Laboratory
The current key research initiatives are the NASA-funded REASoN (Research, Education and Solutions Network) sub-tasks.

Opportunities in the GISciences

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