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Department of Geography

Undergraduate Program

Geography has been defined as the study of the Earth as the home of humans. As different geographers have emphasized different aspects of this definition, the field has come to encompass a great breath of interests including weather and climate, landforms, mapping, economics, societies, politics, environmental problems, and even the aesthetics of landscapes. For those students fascinated with the world around them and keenly interested in different peoples and places, geography is the field to study. For those who want to learn about the relationships of people and environments and the environmental challenges facing the world in the decades ahead, geography is the place to be!

The Department of Geography at the University of South Carolina has a national and international reputation as one of the leading centers for geographic information science (GIScience), physical and environmental geography, and human geography. Our GIScience faculty offer a number of courses for undergraduates in computer cartography, geographic information systems, and remote sensing. Our physical/environmental geography faculty provide undergraduates with ample opportunity to study the earth's physical features and processes and the modification of the world’s coastlines, rivers, forests, and climate through human activity. Our human geography program integrates two areas of innovative undergraduate teaching: the dynamics of social difference and inequality within and across cities, countries, and regions; and the complex interactions between natural and human systems, especially in relation to vulnerability, resilience, and adaptation to environmental hazards and climate change.  Our faculty members have expertise in many world regions, including the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and North America.



Dr. Gregory J. Carbone, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Callcott, Room 327-B
(803) 777-5688


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