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Gravity, electricity, vibrations, magnetism — these phenomena and others can be studied when we apply physics to the area of earth sciences. As a result, geophysics helps us do things like locate mineral deposits and determine the thickness of glaciers.

A degree in geophysics prepares students for careers in environmental consulting, energy industries, and government agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources.

Undergraduate: B.S.

The University of South Carolina is one of two institutions in the Southeast that offers a geophysics undergraduate degree. Students benefit from a combination of quality classroom education, laboratory experience and field based activities. They focus on the physics of the earth and its atmosphere, including seismology, oceanography and volcanology.

Students have the unique opportunity to complete a six-week field course in Colorado to get valuable hands-on experience. This opportunity synergizes our curriculum in geophysics to understanding the earth's formation in an observational setting. All of the professors have research labs where students work together on research projects sponsored by federal, state, or private agencies.  Many summer internships are available with state and federal agencies, and environmental firms.


Department Chair
Carol Boggs

Undergraduate Director
Gwendelyn Geidel

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