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Gabriel McGee

Gabriel McGee

As a USC History major, Gabriel McGee earned a deep knowledge of the past and its rich importance. After graduating this past Spring with a Bachelors of the Arts with Distinction, Gabriel is now pursuing his Masters in Education in order to guide the future. He aims to inspire his future students with the same passion for History that his professors once gave him. When he isn’t busy taking to the field of Williams-Brice stadium as the Sousaphone Section Leader in the Carolina Band, Gabriel is an active member within the Columbia community. He also works as a member of SC Teaching Fellows, Children’s Church Director, and as a Fulmer Humanities volunteer. Gabriel’s unique leadership in the classroom, on the field, and in the community are just a few of the many incredible reasons he is the recipient of our History Department Student Spotlight.

Why did you choose to pursue History at USC?

I chose to pursue History at USC because of the opportunities that this department could provide me with in helping me achieve my career goals.  I have been a lifelong Gamecock fan, and South Carolina resident and these two things helped further my interest in studying history here because our school and state are so historically significant and rich I just wanted to learn more and more about it.  I wanted to become a teacher, and since history is my favorite subject, I wanted to study my favorite subject at my favorite school and be able to spread that love and blessing to others.


What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned as a History major? How has it changed your life?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned as a history major is that every object, person, and place has a history and that this information can be used to learn valuable insights about how and why a society functioned as it did.  When we learn that everything has a history, we able to appreciate and understand that everything has a story to tell and if we listen to these stories, we might just learn something valuable about ourselves in the process.  We can better ourselves and our future by learning about things that occurred in the past.

How do you spend your time outside of the History Department?

I spend the majority of my time outside of the History Department participating in events the Mighty Sound of the Southeast, Carolina Band here at USC.  I play the sousaphone and have spent four years in the marching band and three in the basketball pep band where I have had the time of my life cheering for and representing our university on many levels.  Being a part of the band here has made my college experience even more wonderful and I am so grateful for the opportunities it has provided me with.  Perhaps these videos I recorded may provide you with better proof of how much joy band has brought me.


What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are first, completing my Master’s degree in Education this summer, and then becoming a middle or high school History teacher.  I would love to work in the Columbia area to be able to stay close to USC.  This would allow me to remain close to the school, friends, and organizations that I love.



Favorite Book: The Bible


Favorite Quote: “Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.”

-George Washington


Hometown: West Columbia, South Carolina


Other Organizations: Carolina Band, SC Teaching Fellows, Children’s Church Director, Fulmer Humanities Volunteer.


Awards: SC Teaching Fellow recipient, Tau Beta Sigma Outstanding Leadership Award for Service, Esprit de Corps Section recipient for spirit and tradition, Sousaphone Section Leader, B.A. in History with Distinction, pursuing GLD distinction in Professional and Civic Engagement.