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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of History

Graduate Program

Graduate study in history at USC provides training for a variety of rewarding careers. We have concentrated our efforts in the areas of specialization in which we have significant advantages in preparing students for a challenging profession. Through this strategy we have become a leader in some of the most important current developments in the field of history, including the rise of new intellectual approaches to the discipline and the increased commitment of historians to reach broader public audiences.

This website offers a comprehensive overview of our graduate degree programs, including all of the material that the department formerly provided through general informational mailings. If you have particular questions, please do not hesitate to contact the director of graduate studies, the director of student services, or a faculty member in the field in which you plan to study.

Application Procedures

Click here to apply for our graduate programs

The Graduate School online application site describes the procedures for application, including the mechanics for submission of transcripts, reporting of GRE scores, and processing of letters of recommendation. The Graduate School site also instructs applicants to include supporting documents as required by the department. For the History Department, two supporting documents must be included in the application envelope sent to the Graduate School: (1) a statement describing the applicant's plans for graduate study and (2) a sample of the applicant's written academic work


Applications for Fall 2018 will be due on December 8, 2017


*** Applications are accepted for the Fall term only ***

Additional questions about admission to our Graduate Program, please contact: 

Matt D. Childs
Associate Professor of History
Director of Graduate Studies


Please click HERE for the Department of History Graduate Handbook