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Kevin Rubio

History Student Spotlight

When Kevin Rubio isn’t working as a Page at the South Carolina Statehouse or as a USC Resident Mentor, he is working hard pursuing his degree in History at USC. This is what makes Kevin our Spotlight Student for the month of November. Along with being a recipient of the History Department’s 2016 Charles W. Coolidge Award, he is also a Maximilian LaBorde Scholar. We caught up with Kevin to ask him what his time as a USC History major has meant to him, along with his bright plans for the future…

Kevin Rubio

Hometown: Aiken, SC

Major: History and Political Science (Double Major)




Why did you choose to pursue History at USC?

Growing up as a kid, I always found History to be the most interesting subject in school. When I’d buy or check out books from the library, they would always be biographies or about important events in American History. I decided to continue studying history in college, because I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to pick what histories to learn more about. In high school, you would follow the traditional curriculum of United States, South Carolina, and European history. At USC, I’ve now been given the chance to research and engage in active discussions about subjects like international political economies and development in Africa or Latin America.



What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned as a History major? How has it changed your life?

In a sense, I have been exposed to many other parts of the world and parts of time that I would never expected to be so relevant to our own history today. I think that once I leave USC, the most valuable tool I’ll have, because I was a history major, is having learned to understand that there are countless perspectives, motivations, and reactions to even the smallest events that occur in our lifetimes, and it is fundamental that each of them receive the same attention.



How do you spend your time outside of the History Department?

Being a double major, I’d say that I also spend a fair amount of time in the Political Science department as well. Aside from class, I enjoy being involved both on and off campus. I am currently a Page at the Statehouse for Speaker Jay Lucas and I am also a Resident Mentor in South Tower. I am also a huge soccer fan and am usually on an intramural team each semester with some of my best friends.



What are your plans for the future?

As of right now, I will be applying for law school in December and I am hoping to be accepted into USC’s own law school. I haven’t exactly decided what kind of law I would like to pursue, but I will come in with an open mind and will most definitely be putting to good use all of the skills I learned from being a history major.


More about Kevin:


USC Housing – Resident Mentor

SC Statehouse – Page



History Department – Charles Coolidge Award

College of Arts and Sciences – Maximilian LaBorde Scholarship

Pursuing B.A. with Distinction in both History and Political Science, as well as graduating with Leadership Distinction


Favorite Book

The Street Lawyer by John Grisham


Favorite Quote :

“If you do a good job at the job you’re doing, you’ll have opportunities to do other things in the future; maybe things you never envisioned.” – Marco Rubio