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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of History

Sample Field School Projects

A Survey of Cast-Iron Storefronts in Charleston’s Historic Commercial District for the Preservation Society of Charleston. Jessie Childress, Caitlin Mans, and Amanda Noll, 2012.

Interpretive Waysides on “Mitchelville: Dawn of Freedom” for the Mitchelville Preservation Project, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  JoAnn Zeise, 2012.

Owners and Occupants at 98 Broad Street / Poster for Fast & French Charleston, LLC.  Angi Fuller Wildt, 2012.

Using 3-D Virtual Imaging to Recreate Historic Interiors for Historic Charleston Foundation.  Caroline Vereen, 2012.

Racial Change and Historic Designation in Charleston’s Hampstead Village for the Charleston County Public Library.  Kate Jernigan, 2012.

Visitor Brochures for the Gibbes Museum of Art for the Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston.  Caitlin Podas, 2012.

Who Designed the Staircase at the Nathaniel Russell House?  for Historic Charleston Foundation.  Erin Holmes, 2012.

Investigating a Slave Cemetery at Hampton Plantation State Historic Site for the South Carolina State Park Service.  Rebecca Bush, 2010.

Toward Reinterpretation of the Nathaniel Russell House: Documenting the Slave Trade Connections for Historic Charleston Foundation.  Haley Grant, 2010.

Fort Sumter Brick-Making Project for Clemson University’s National Brick Research Center.  Lee Durbetaki and Sarah Swinney, 2010.

Discovering Charleston’s War of 1812 Fortifications for the Charleston Archives.  Justin McIntyre, 2010.
“Ephemeral Flooring:” Documenting the Grass Mats of an Antebellum Residence for Historic Charleston Foundation.  Claire White, 2010.

Interpretive Panels for the Old Charleston County Jail for the American College of the Building Arts.  Anjuli Grantham, 2010.

Interpretive Brochures for the Cape Romain Lighthouse for the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, Charleston County.  Elizabeth Almlie, 2010.

Historic Preservation and Environmental Sustainability: Two Case Studies.  Jennifer Betsworth, 2010.

A National Historic Landmark Nomination for Castle Pickney. Chris Zeigler, 2007.


A Survey and Assessment of African-American Museums in the United States undertaken for the International African-American Museum. Carrie Giauque, 2007.


Interpretation of Slavery at the Nathaniel Russell House through Historical Archaeology for the Historic Charleston Foundation. Alisha Cromwell, 2007.


Object Research of Decorative Arts for Historic Charleston Foundation. Jan Levinson, 2007.


Magnolia Plantation's Historic Slave Cabins and the Restoration of a Central Chimney using Traditional Brick Making Methods for Historic Brattonsville and Magnolia Plantation. Steve Wells, 2007.


A Cultural Resources Survey of the so-called "separate but equal" Byrnes schools in Charleston County to determine whether the schools are eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Rebekah Dobrasko, 2005


An Architectural Survey of Upper King Street for the City of Charleston to create a photographic record of what Upper King Street looked like in 2005 for future work in historic preservation. Heather Carpini, 2005


A Proposal for Courtyard Repair at the Aiken-Rhett House for Historic Charleston Foundation to determine the best preservation strategy. Jimmy Steele, 2005


Development of a Grassroots Guide for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, to assist its Southern Regional Office in providing information about the Rosenwald Initiative. Elizabeth Wiedower, 2005


Linkage of Historical and Archaeological Attribute Data gathered from multiple cartographic surveys of Beaufort County with a Geographic Information System (GIS) map, undertaken for the South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office. Jody Graichen, 2005