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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of History

Warwick Exchange Forms

University of South Carolina, USA

University of Warwick, UK                            

Student Exchange                                                                     

STEP 1: Study Abroad Application
Fill out the standard application form used at the Study Abroad Office. You may submit this form electronically by clicking HERE.
STEP 2: Personal Statement
In place of the six questions requested on the standard Study Abroad Application, please submit a 1000-word personal statement with your Warwick application. Your personal statement should explain to the reader why you want to study at Warwick and what you hope to accomplish as an exchange student. You might discuss your interests in history and your preparation for studying history in Great Britain. In what ways do you expect studying at Warwick to differ from USC, and how do you plan to handle those differences? The statement needs to convince the selection committee that you are a person of intellectual curiosity and ability who would benefit from the History Department's exchange with Warwick University. Please turn in your statement at the Study Abroad Office, Close-Hipp Suite 453 (the old business school building).
STEP 3: Submit Application
For spring semester applicants, the form and the personal statement are due September 15 of the previous year.  For academic-year and fall semester applicants, they are due March 1 of the same year.  Deliver both the application form and the personal statement to the Study Abroad Office, Close-Hipp Suite 453 (the old business school building).
Questions?  Contact Dr. Carol Harrison (, Dr. Thomas Lekan (, Dr. David Snyder (, or the Undergraduate Student Advisor, Tyler Mcnamara (