University of South Carolina

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
The Director for The Institute of African American Research
Coming Together
Guests enjoy the program of speakers
Research Fellow Seminars
We take pride in our participation, get involved with the IAAR!!!
Dr. Randal Maurice Jelks Lecture
Civil Rights Historian Dr. Jelks from the University of Kansas
IAAR Seminar
Seminar speaker, Dr. David Crockett of the School of Business
Lecture - "Does Protest Work?"
Dr. T. Brown-Nagin of Harvard University - Q&A with IAAR Guest
Dr. Foreman's Lecture
“History’s Slippery Touch: David Drake and the Archive of Slavery.”
Event - "Bodies Out-of Place:"
"Towards a Theoretical Understanding of Systematic Voter Suppression"
Charlton Yingling's Seminar
History Department, The IAAR thanks all who attended.
Research Fellow Seminar
Alexandra Reckendorf speaks race relations in a "Post-Racial" America
Dr. Mary Barr's Seminar:
"Friends Disappear: The Battle for Racial Equality in Evanston"
Dr. Maryemma Graham's Lecture:
"All My Roots Are Gathered in this Place: Margaret Walker's South"
Seminar: Dr. Cheryl Armstead
"The Perceived Racism Scale Reconsidered"
Sueanna Smith Speaks on...
“Freemasonry, Race, and Material Culture in Early America”