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College of Arts & Sciences
Institute for African American Research

Director & Advisory Committee


Dr. Daniel C. Littlefield

Carolina Professor of History, Department of History
Curriculum Vitae

Advisory Committee

David Crockett

Associate Professor of Marketing, Moore School of Business

Major interest in sociological aspects of consumer behavior, particularly the consequences of social inequality. His research investigates the creation, manifestation, and resolution of class, gender and racial inequality in the marketplace.

Marvin McAllister

Assistant Professor of English and African American Studies

Areas of specialization are African American and American theater, drama, and performance. He has published two books on African American theater and performance, both with the University of North Carolina Press: “White People Do Not Know How To Behave At Entertainments Designed For Ladies and Gentlemen of Colour:” William Brown’s African and American Theater (2003) and Whiting Up: Whiteface Minstrels and Stage Europeans in African American Performance (2011).  He is currently working on a visual history of theatrical production at Howard University, from 1909 into the 21st century.

Todd Shaw

Associate Professor of Political Science and African-American Studies

Researches and teaches broadly in the areas of African American politics, urban politics and public policy, as as well as social movements.

David Simmons

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Public Health

Research focus is in medical anthropology; interest in social responses to health issues in communities and the relationship to structural violence and making meaning. Current research: the relationship between human rights abuses and health outcomes for Haitian agricultural workers, or braceros, in the Dominican Republic.

Kimberly Simmons

Associate Professor of Anthropology and African American Studies

Research interests include: identity formation, cultural construction of race and gender, women's organizations, international migration, immigration and immigration policy, African American culture, Black ethnic groups in the United States, African American - Latino relationships, and African Diaspora communities.

Terrance Weik

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Research interests: cultural origins, social formations, and transformations that have shaped people of African descent, including both freedom and slavery in the African Diaspora of the Americas.

Qiana Whitted

Associate Professor of English Language and Literature and African American Studies

Specializes in 20th century African-American literature and culture, Southern literature, and American comic books. She is the author of A God of Justice? The Problem of Evil in 20th Century Black Literature, as well as articles in African-American Review and the Southern Literary Journal.