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Jewish Studies

Judaism has been central to Western culture from antiquity to the present. Its contributions to Western civilization are deeply interwoven into both Jewish and non-Jewish Western cultural history, contributing significantly to art, language, law, literature, medicine, philosophy and political thought.

Jewish Studies is thus an important component of the larger liberal arts curriculum. Its focus on important issues of group and national identity, Diaspora, genocide and cultural survival gives Jewish Studies particular relevance not merely to those who seek a richer understanding of the Jewish experience but also to scholars of other dispossessed or minority groups.

Fundamentally interdisciplinary in its approach and international in its focus, the University of South Carolina’s Jewish Studies Progam seeks to add an important new dimension to the scholarly work being done in Jewish Studies in South Carolina. The academic program to be established will enhance our knowledge of Judaism’s role on the world stage and help students and scholars forge connections between Judaism in South Carolina and this larger context. Such a focus is a natural outgrowth of current programming in Jewish Studies at the University, such as the annual Solomon-Tenenbaum lecture series, which brings in internationally renowned scholars and authors to speak on topics related to Jewish life and history.

The program plans to initially offer an undergraduate minor in Jewish Studies major and a graduate certificate in Jewish Studies.

Visit the Jewish Studies Program website.

College of Arts and Sciences Jewish Studies Program Charter


2012-2013 Jewish Studies Study Abroad/Research Travel Grant

The USC Jewish Studies Program is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant from the Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation (Charleston, SC) to fund student study abroad and research travel to Israel for this coming year. In accordance with the terms of our grant application, the Jewish Studies Program will be offering five travel grants of $2500 each, and has had this award posted online with the assistance USC Study Abroad Office:  

Jewish Studies Study Abroad/Research Travel Grant 

NOTE: Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this grant. Undergraduate students would be expected to use the grant for a semester or year of study in Israel. Graduate students would be expected to use these funds for graduate study or to conduct research in Israel. 

This support comes at a critical time for us, as we work to build interest and participation in the USC Jewish Studies Program. We are especially grateful to have these new resources to assist students in their Jewish Studies and in enabling them to combine their Jewish Studies interests with all the advantages of a Study Abroad experience.