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College of Arts & Sciences
Jewish Studies Program

1999 Solomon-Tenenbaum Lectureship

Solomon-Tenenbaum Lecture 1999


Anna E. Rosmus

Free Lance writer and subject of the Oscar-nominated film
"The Nasty Girl"


"My Jewish Mission: A German Woman's 
Search for the Truth"

in conjunction with the Beyond Nuremberg Symposium

November 3

Screening of "The Nasty Girl": 1:30pm 
Panel Discussion of film: 3:00pm

Anna Rosmus (subject of the film), Alfred Nordmann (Philosophy), Natalie Hevener Kaufman (International Studies), Stan Levine (French-USC Aiken), Samuel Tenenbaum, 
and Kevin Lewis (Religious Studies), moderator

Russell House Theatre

November 4

Lecture: 8:00pm

Gambrell Hall Auditorium

There will be several screenings of the Oscar-nominated film, "The Nasty Girl" at the Russell House Theatre during the week of Anna Rosmus' visit:
November 1: 7:00 pm
November 2: 3:30 pm
November 3: 1:30 pm (with discussion following)

The film "The Nasty Girl" presents the life of Anna Rosmus, who as a teenager discovered the hidden Nazi past of her hometown and dispite threats to her life, began to expose the truth. She grew up in Passau, Germany, where Hitler had lived as a boy. For a highschool project, she decided to investigate the history of her town. What she found out shocked and dismayed her and disturbed the people of Passau who wished to keep the past silent and buried.

For two decades she struggled courageously to uncover concealed murders, rededicate desecrated Jewish cemetaries and recover Jewish stories and artwork. she searched the world for Passau's Jewish survivors. She has received numerous awards for her work and the television program 60 minutes featured her work successfully sponsoring the 50th anniversary commemorations to bring survivors and liberators together to preserve memory of the past and to restore the defaced names to the monument in Pocking.

Rosmus is the author of nine books, including: Wintergreen: Suppressed Murders, which documents the atrocities in Passau at the end of the war; Pocking: End and RenewalExodus: In the Shadow of MercyWhat I Think; and Out of Passau. Her biography, published in 1994, is Anna Rosmus: The Witch of Passau.