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College of Arts & Sciences
Jewish Studies Program

2004 Solomon-Tenenbaum Lectureship

Solomon-Tenenbaum Lecture 2004


James Carroll

Author and Boston Globe Columnist


"Anti-Semitism: The Old and the New"

September 21

Symposium: 3:00pm 
Lecture: 8:00pm

USC Law School Auditorium

Symposium topic: 
"The Misuse of Religion for Political Ends"

Symposium Participants:

James Carroll, Boston Globe columnist, author of An American RequimConstantine's Sword: the Church and the Jews, and Crusade: Chronicles of an Unjust War
Bruce Lawrence, professor of comparative religion at Duke University and a specialist on Islam; author of Defenders of God, and several other books that deal with the interplay of religion and ideology in the Islamic world.
Ann Burlein, professor of religious Studies, UNC-Charlotte; has published and continues to do interesting work on the politics of the Christian Right. Among her publications is Lift High the Cross: Where White Supremacy and the Religious Right Converge.
Kenneth Wald, professor of political science and director of the Center for Jewish Studies, University of Florida; a specialist on religion and politics in America, Great Britain, and Israel.
Joe Darby, pastor of Morris Brown AME in Charleston, SC, active in the NAACP and frequent contributor of columns to the State.

The symposium will reflect on ways that religion and politics mix in our world today. Religion's mix with politics can inspire visions that promote peace and justice; it can also create divisions that cause oppression and violence. The ever-present challenge is to find constructive ways for these two powerful forces to interact with each other.