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Blog from Alexandria Caputo: Winter 2015-2016

Alexandria Caputo is the latest recipient of the University of South Carolina's Jewish Studies Study Abroad/Research Travel Grant. This grant supports student studies and research in Israel. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for these grant funds.  More information about this travel grant can be found by following this link. 

Alexandria is being supported by these travel abroad grant funds to attend the Galilee International Management Institute located in Nahalal, Israel. Nahalal is a Moshav village--an agricultural community made up of a collective of individually-owned farms.

The Galilee International Management Institute is sponsoring a seminar series through the Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies. Partipants will learn about Middle Eastern politics and religion through lectures and study tours. 

The Winter Session is entitled "One Land, Two Peoples and Three Religions," and focuses on the Jewish, Christian, and Islam religions and their roots in Israel. 

The pdf link below contains Alexandria's blogposts in a printable format.

PDF icon Blog Articles-Alexandria Caputo.pdf