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College of Arts & Sciences
Jewish Studies Program

Medieval Workshop sponsored by the Colloquium Department of Philosophy

Friday, November 11, 2016 -
2:30pm to 4:30pm


Location: Flinn Hall 207

“Philosophers and Translators in 12th Century Spain: Jewish, Arabic and, Latin Christian: Avicenna, Ibn Gebirol, Gundisallinus, Ibn-Daud.”







Dr. Nicola Polloni, Fellow, Junior Research Fellow, Department of History/Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Durham, United Kingdom:

“Dominicus Gundisallinus and the Renovation of Medieval Philosophy.”

Professor Katja Vehlow, Department of Religious Studies, University of South Carolina:  “Ibn Daud’s Definition of Judaism through Philosophy and History.”

Professor Jeremiah Hackett, Department of Philosophy, University of South Carolina: “Roger Bacon’s Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy as influenced by Avicenna and Solomon ibn Gebirol, and as Criticized by Thomas Aquinas.”

Dr. Caleb Colley (Recent PHD, Department of Philosophy, University of South Carolina, and Independent Scholar):  “John Pecham’s Appropriation of Avicenna and Solomon Ibn Gebirol through Gundisallinus.”


Organizer:  Jeremiah Hackett, Department of Philosophy, University of South Carolina


 Sponsored by: the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Religious Studies, and the Jewish Studies Program 

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