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College of Arts & Sciences
Jewish Studies Program

Jewish Studies Courses

College of Arts and Sciences Jewish Studies Program

This page features Jewish Studies courses and courses that have Jewish Studies content.

The list is intended to showcase the range of such courses that have been offered by our faculty in recent semesters, rather than provide information relevant to any particular semester.

For each course, we present a title and brief course description, along with information about the instructor who taught it and a syllabus (when available). The visitor will note that many of the courses listed here fall under the heading of “special topics” courses (i.e. courses offered once or twice, rather than regularly).

The list is arranged in the following order: (1) Jewish Studies (JSTU) courses, (2) courses with Jewish Studies content, arranged alphabetically according to their course designation (e.g. Comparative Literature (CPLT) courses will be listed ahead of English Language & Literature (ENGL) courses). 

 Courses with Jewish Studies Content

 Jewish Studies (JSTU) Courses