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USC Affiliated Global Partner Programs

The following list gives details about the current Global Partner Programs sponsored by the University of South Carolina's Study Abroad Office. A pdf document with this information is available through the link at the bottom of this page.

1. The School of Russian & Asian Studies (SRAS): Security & Society,
The semester offering focuses on Security and Society in the Information Age. We examine current issues such cybersecurity, information warfare, and how new and social media are changing the face of modern democracies. The Summer School session takes a broad but intensive approach looking at traditional and contemporary security issues. These range from maintaining international partnerships to developing domestic criminal justice and healthy ecological, demographic, entrepreneurial, and civic environments. Both semester and summer sessions offer a look at a case-study of one of the worst security failures of modern history: the Holocaust.
2. The School of Russian & Asian Studies (SRAS): Jewish Studies in Poland, Warsaw, Poland (Part of the Security & Society Program above),
This program is open to anyone interested in studying the history of the European Jews and the current status of the Israeli state in the world. It should be of special interest to anyone seeking to understand the history of WWII and Communism, how state policy can help or hinder social tolerance, or in learning more about the Yiddish or Polish languages.
3. American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS): Jewish Latin America: History, Literature and Human Rights, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
In partnership with the University of Connecticut, and the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamerica and University of Belgrano students will explore and examine human rights and migration issues while taking courses on Latin American Jewish literature and Jewish history in Latin America.  Field trips are an integral part of the program as is the Elie Wiesel Institute of Human Rights.

Beginning in Spring 2016, students can earn up to 16 credits in Buenos Aires, home to Latin America’s largest Jewish community, and one of the world’s most dynamic sites of the Jewish Diaspora. Students will:

• meet with leaders of the local Jewish community

• enjoy a 2-night trip to the agricultural colonies of Basavilbaso

• participate in activities with Argentine students

• take courses on Latin American Jewish Literature and Jewish History in Latin America

• attend a series of lectures on Marshall Meyer and the Human Rights movement in Argentina, past and present

• be immersed in the region’s languages and cultures

Learn more at Access a printable brochure of this information here.

4. University Studies Abroad Consortium(USAC): Prague/Czech Republic, Summer, Semester & Year Programs,
5. University Studies Abroad Consortium(USAC): Haifa, Israel,  Summer, Semester & Year Programs,


For more information, and to apply, contact the Study Abroad Office. Web: Phone: 803-777-7557 Email: 

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