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College of Arts and Sciences


The College of Arts and Sciences is led by an experienced and passionate collection of faculty and staff. Our leadership connects the administration to faculty needs, connects the faculty to student needs, and connects college resources to community needs. The leadership team is comprised of several on-campus offices, faculty leadership and the Board of Visitors.

Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors garners community and financial support to enable the college to progress along a broad range of activities, including funding research, creating endowed chairs, improving faculty salaries, attracting a larger number of more qualified students, and providing needed services to the state and nation.

Chairs and Directors

Department Chairs and Program Directors are the leaders within the college's academic units and serve as liaisons between the administration and faculty. They are responsible for stimulating and encouraging diversity and professional growth among faculty and students.

Office of the Dean

The Office of the Dean leads the college by operating the budget and human resources offices, directing the use of the college's facilities, coordinating external and alumni relationships, and overseeing academic planning for the largest college at the university.