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Leadership Certificate Program

Ray Kroc, who built McDonald’s Corporation, said “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” The Leadership Certificate Program is setting the bar high as it trains students to be our future leaders.

The Leadership Certificate program is preparing tomorrow’s leaders through rigorous coursework, on-campus leadership opportunities and additional “experiential” activities such as study abroad, service-learning, internship and National Student Exchange. The program is interdisciplinary and engages with a number of disciplines within the College of Arts and Sciences and other professional schools on campus to capture comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Following an introductory course, students select a course from one of the following areas: public speaking, organizational/group dynamics or management. Experiential coursework incorporates study abroad, service learning (minimum eight hours of community service), internship, National Student Exchange, extensive reflection on a leadership experience or domestic “study away” opportunities.

Additional courses are chosen from the areas of ethics, communications, diversity, and advanced leadership.

Students are encouraged to participate in USC Connect - linking classroom learning with experiences outside the classroom – and to build a portfolio of their leadership experiences. Thus, students leave the program with practical experience on which to build and the foundation to become leaders in government, industry and nonprofits.

Please find more information about Leadership Studies by clicking here.