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Anne Bezuidenhout

University of South Carolina

Office: James F. Byrnes Building 417 (Departmental) and Petigru 206
Website: Click here
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Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Michigan

Research Interests

I am interested in pragmatic phenomena, such as presuppositions and conversational implicatures, which I study using both traditional formal and experimental methods. My experimental work has looked at scalar implicatures and at the role that discourse-level information plays in anaphoric pronoun resolution. I am currently interested in the processing of novel noun-noun compounds. My formal work is focused on perspective taking in conversation and on the notions of foregrounding and backgrounding of information in conversation. It attempts to identify the principles that conversational participants use to tailor information in the course of their conversational exchanges. I am also exploring what I call “joint reference”, namely a joint action performed by two or more interlocutors who do their parts to produce an outcome (referring) that would not have resulted from the efforts of any of the individuals acting alone.

Teaching Interests

I regularly reach Introduction to Logic for the Philosophy Department, an introduction to symbolic logic that satisfies a university general education requirement in analytical and numerical reasoning. I use the textbook-software package Language, Proof and Logic (LPL), 2nd edition, 2011, co-authored by Barker-Plummer, Barwise and Etchemendy, published by CSLI Publications. Beginning in spring 2017, we will be offering a follow-up undergraduate logic course that covers some of the more advanced topics in LPL on set theory, mathematical induction, and meta-logic and that stresses some of the applications of logic in other fields, such as computer science and linguistics. For the Linguistics Program, I regularly teach courses in philosophy of language, semantics, and pragmatics, primarily aimed at upper-level undergraduate/graduate students. I also enjoy teaching undergraduate philosophy of mind courses, especially Mind and Nature, a course whose focus is on recent developments in the study of consciousness and which is an elective for USC’s Neuroscience Minor.

Recent Publications

Bezuidenhout, A. (forthcoming). The role of context in semantics: A Relevance Theory perspective. In S-J Conrad & K. Petrus (eds.), Meaning, Context, and Methodology, Berlin: de Gruyter.

Bezuidenhout, A. (2016). What properly belongs to grammar? A response to Lepore and StoneInquiry 59(2): 175-194.

Bezuidenhout, A. (2016). Presupposition failure and the assertive enterpriseTopoi 35(1): 23-35.

Bezuidenhout, A. (2015). Cognitive environments and conversational tailoringCroatian Journal of Philosophy, vol. XV, No. 44: 151-162.

Bezuidenhout, A. (2015). The implicit dimension of meaning: Ways of “filling in” and “filling out” contentErkenntnis 80(1): 89-109.

Bezuidenhout, A. (2014) Reply to Brown-Schmidt and HellerJournal of Pragmatics. 60: 285-290.

Bezuidenhout, A. (2013). The (in)significance of the referential-attributive distinction. In A. Capone, F. Lo Piparo, & M. Carapezza (eds.), Perspectives on Pragmatics and Philosophy, Berlin: Springer, pp. 351-366.

Bezuidenhout, A. (2013). Structuring silence versus the structure of silence. In L. Goldstein (ed.), Brevity, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 36-52.

Bezuidenhout, A. (2013). Perspective taking in conversation: A defense of speaker non-egocentricityJournal of Pragmatics 48: 4-16.

Recent Presentations

Bezuidenhout, A., ‘Tests for “at issue” versus backgrounded content’, 15th Biennial International Pragmatics Association conference, Belfast Ireland, July 17-21, 2017.

Bezuidenhout, A., Keynote presentation for 8th Lodz Symposium: New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics, Lodz, Poland, May 15-17, 2017.

Bezuidenhout, A., Comments on ‘What denial Isn’t’, APA Eastern Division meetings, Baltimore, Maryland, January 4-7, 2017.

Bezuidenhout, A., ‘Non-egocentric referential communication: How we jointly construct our acts of referring in face-to-face interaction’Invited presentation on perspective-taking at workshop on "Interpretability in Context", University of Tübingen, Friday November 25th, 2016.

Bezuidenhout, A., ‘Noun-noun compounds and the semantics-pragmatics boundary’, 3rd Biennial Conference of the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA), Indiana University, November 4-6, 2016.

Bezuidenhout, A., Comments on Lepore & Stone, Convention and Imagination (Oxford University Press, 2014), Author-Meets-Critics session, APA Eastern Division meetings, Philadelphia, December 27-30, 2014.

Bezuidenhout, A., ‘Relevance Theory and context as cognitive environment’, conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, Interuniversity Center, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 8-12, 2014.

Bezuidenhout, A., ‘Categories and analogies: Comments on Hofstadter & Sander (2013)’, paper presented at Go Figure workshop, University College London, June 20-21, 2013.