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Faculty & Staff Directory

Jennifer F. Reynolds

Professor (Anthropology)
University of South Carolina

Office: Gambrell 420
Website: Click here
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF


Ph.D., Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles 

Research Interests

Pragmatics, Language Ideology, Language Socialization, Narrative & Performance

Representative Publications

Reynolds, J. F., Orellana, M. F., and García-Sánchez, I. 2015. “In the service of surveillance: Immigrant child language brokers in parent-teacher conferences.” Langage et Société 2015/3(153): 91-108.

Estrada, R. D., Reynolds, J. F., and Hilfinger Messias, D. K. 2015. “A Conversation Analysis of Verbal Interactions and Social Processes in Interpreter-Mediated Primary Care Encounters.” Research in Nursing and Health 38(4): 278-288.

Reynolds, J. F. and Orellana, M. F. 2014. “Translanguaging within enactments of quotidian interpreter-mediated interactions.” Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 24(3): 315-338.

Reynolds, J. F. 2013. “Refracting articulations of citizenship, delincuencia and vigilantism in boys’ sociodramatic play in postwar Guatemala.” Language and Communication 33(4, Part B):515-531.

Reynolds, J. F. 2013. “(Be)laboring childhoods in Postville, Iowa.” Anthropological Quarterly 86(3):821-860.

Reynolds, J. F. and Didier, C. 2013. “Contesting diversity and community within Postville, Iowa – ‘Hometown to the World’.” In Latin American Migrations to the U.S. Heartland: Reshaping Communities, Redrawing Boundaries. Linda Allegro and Andrew Wood, eds. Pp. 169-197. Champaign, IL: Univ. of Illinois Press.

Kyratzis, A., Reynolds, J. F., and Evaldsson, A-C. 2010. “Heteroglossia and language ideologies in children’s peer play interactions.” Introduction to a special edited issue of Pragmatics 20(4):457-466.

Reynolds, J. F. 2010. “Enregistering the voices of discursive figures of authority in Antonero children’s socio-dramatic play.” Pragmatics 20(4):467-493.

Reynolds, J. F. 2009. "Shaming the shift generation: Intersecting ideologies of family and linguistic revitalization in Guatemala." In Revealing Native American Language Ideologies: Beliefs, Practices, and Struggles in Indian Country. Paul V. Kroskrity and Margaret C. Field, eds. Pp. 213-237. Tuscon: University of Arizona Press.

Reynolds, J. F. & Orellana, M. F. 2009. "New immigrant youth interpreting in White public space." American Anthropologist 111(2):211-223.

Reynolds, J. F. 2008. "Socializing puros pericos (little parrots): The negotiation of respect and responsibility in Antonero Mayan sibling and peer networks." Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 18(1):82-107.

Teaching interests

ANTH 703 – Anthropological Inquiry [a Social Theory course]
ANTH 780 – Ethnography of Communication
LING 748 – Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
LING 545 – Anthropological Approaches to Narrative and Performance
LING 782 – Language Ideology