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College of Arts & Sciences
Linguistics Program

Karen Fischer - M.A.

High school Spanish teacher in Lancaster County, SC

Why did you decide to do an MA or PhD in linguistics?

I originally wanted to work at the post-secondary level in Second Language Acquisition and/or a teacher training program.

Tell us about your current job.

I am currently a high school Spanish teacher in Lancaster, SC. 

Why did you choose our program? Did you get what you wanted from the Linguistics Program?

I chose USC because it had a wide range of Linguistics classes and because it was local for me.  I wanted to stay in SC and work on issues that affected the area where I was raised.  I received a solid background in linguistics which is currently serving me well not only as a teacher, but also as I study translation methods and issues for a possible future career

What is your favorite thing in Columbia, SC?​

 I enjoyed the diversity of the USC Graduate School as well as living in an area with a variety of cultural events, shopping, and other activities.  It was also a convenient location as it is between the mountains and coastal area.