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Linguistics Program

Faculty & Staff Directory

Kurt Goblirsch

Professor of German and Linguistics (Languages/German)
University of South Carolina

Office: Humanities Office Building 905
Website: Click here


Ph.D., Germanic Philology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Research Interests 

Comparative Germanic linguistics (German, English, Scandinavian, Dutch, Frisian), historical linguistics, language typology, dialectology, phonology, morphology, etymology

Recent Publications

“Old High German kx and the Mechanism of Germanic Consonant Shifts.” Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis 13 (2008): 47-66. (journal article)          

A Historical Typology of the English Obstruent System.” Anglia. Zeitschrift für Englische Philologie 127 (2009): 176-207. (journal article).

Between Saxon, Franconian, and Danish: The Obstruents of Frisian.” Old Frisian Philology IV. Ed. by Rolf Bremmer, Jr., Stephen Laker, and Oebele Vries. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2014. 95-118. (Invited book chapter)

Language Contact and Consonant Shift in Germanic: The Witness of Aspiration.” Early Germanic Languages in Contact. Ed. Jan Ole Askedal and Hans Frede Nielsen. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2015. 223-44. (Invited book chapter)

Aspiration und Lautverschiebung: Zur Typologie des Niederländischen.” North-Western European Language Evolution 68 (2015): 187-225. (journal article)

Recent Presentations

“Das Perfekt im Deutschen und Englischen.” Institut für Germanistik, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Germany, 12 July 2010.

“Aspiration und Lautverschiebung: Evidence from Modern German and Dutch Dialects.” International Conference on Language Variation in Europe-6, Freiburg, 2011.

“Final Strengthening and Monosyllable Lengthening in English and the Germanic Languages.” Studies in the History of the English Language-7, Bloomington, IN, 2012.

“Substratum Effects on Aspiration in the Germanic Languages.” Early Germanic Languages in Contact. An International Symposium. University of Southern Denmark, Odense, August 2013.