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College of Arts & Sciences
Linguistics Program

Linguistics Photo Album

Scenes from a Linguistics Program.

Photo contributors: Danielle Fahey, Elena Galkina, Anna Hamer.

Alecia asks Dan Jurafsky (Stanford University) a question after his talk in November 2016. (Photo contributed by Mike Gavin and Eric Holt.)

Anna introduces Tony Webster (University of Texas at Austin), Laura Tohe (Poet Laureate of the Navajo Nation, Arizona State University), and Rex Lee Jim (former Vice President of the Navajo Nation) in November 2016.

Jefferson, Maryellen MacDonald (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Elena, and Amit at MacDonald's colloquium reception.

Eric, Kristie, Stephanie, and Chris talk shop in the graduate student lounge.

Kristie, Lauren, Andrea, and Elena gather for a pre-picnic huddle at the 2014 annual spring linguistics picnic potluck.

Kory and Ned decide how to hang decorations at the spring picnic.

Anne approves of the fresh carrots, while Brianna, Chris, and Benjamin keep a steady eye on rest of the appetizer spread at a colloquium talk reception.

Wei, Kristie, Silvina Montrul (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign), Kory, Eric after Montrul's colloquium talk in September 2013.

 Jefferson proudly displays his masterpiece at the 2013 winter party.

Danielle keeps her head cozy with an HD-tDCS cap.

Eric Holt uses ultrasound technology to conduct phonological research in his class. 

Last day of LING 720 with Kory, Brianna, Andrea, Jenna, Cameron, Jefferson, Ned, Mila, Angelica, and Ray in 2013.

Last day of LING 739 with Kristie, Elena, Benjamin, Jenna, Paul, Kory, Alisha, Chris, Jefferson, and Stan in 2013.