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College of Arts & Sciences
Linguistics Program

Sherry Warren - Ph.D.

Writing-Grammar Coordinator, English Programs for Internationals at USC


Why did you decide to do an MA or PhD in linguistics?

I returned to the USA to pursue a MA in Linguistics, with a view to teaching English at an Intensive English Program in the United States.  Though I was having a wonderful time in Thailand teaching English, I realized that I would need to get an MA in order to continue to do what I loved to do in the USA.  While pursuing my MA, I became very interested in SLA research, so I entered the MA/PhD program to develop my skills as a researcher with a view to contributing to the knowledge base within the field.

Tell us about your current job.

I am the Academic Director for the International Accelerator Program at the University of South Carolina.  The International Accelerator Program is a bridge program for international students who are either still learning English or would like additional cultural support during their first year at USC.  I am also a consulting faculty member in the Linguistics Program where I teach undergraduate and graduate courses, and am engaged in several research projects relating to second language development and assessment.  

Why did you choose our program? Did you get what you wanted from the Linguistics Program?

I chose USC because it was in my hometown; I was delighted to find that it also enabled me to pursue my academic and professional interests.  The Linguistics Program at USC is unique in that it allows for interdisciplinary opportunities and collaboration among related fields.  Students with a very broad range of research interests can find what they are looking for.

What is your favorite thing in Columbia, SC?​

Increased funding for the arts has led to a rapidly developing arts community, which provides extensive opportunities for newcomers to meet people.  Columbia is also close to both majestic mountains and beautiful beaches, while being a very affordable place to live.